Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daric Richie's troubling past : From LGBT suicide to Amanda Knox, PMF member is a practiced scammer

Troubling that a site such as Perugia Murder File, which at one time had standards ,  is now praising this internet menace who has apparently made a career out of scams.  

I had the misfortune to encounter such a person on a European scholars blog, and it was stunning the number of online identities this man had, and the money he was able to bilk from trusting "colleagues". (This "scholar"  also proved to be a convicted felon and registered sex offender in the UK.)

  It appears DR fits the same profile,  and is in need of the same kind of help.  More of the past antics of this person  @ the following site,  which has aptly called the 20 year old youth  " a sick kid":

Also, this YouTube exposes Richie under the name of "Daric Rawr":  Nasty stuff.

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Doug Bremner said...

there are also videos about him on youtube, look for Daric Rawr Exposed.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Thanks, I actually posted the YouTube link in my other piece, here : )

Very best regards;

Barbara Carter said...

Very good article. As an Australian who avidly follows Susan Marie Kovalinsky as she brings to my attention scenarios that are not addressed in this country, we should all be aware of these awful scammers who thrive now on our Internet world. She is 100% correct as I was also on the European blog and it is a dreadful story... and I hope she will not mind the fact that over the years we have spoken, she has shared with me some behind the scenes vilification that goes on in these different blogs where there seems to be giant power struggles for a few egomaniacs, and brilliant writers and commentators like herself have indeed been victims. More power to you Susan Marie, keep on doing what is your clever forte in life!
Best Regards always
Barbara Carter. Sydney Australia

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