Thursday, December 2, 2010

Traditional Values Group Garners 7,000 signatures; Servers Swamped over Apple app

Apple Inc.
The Culture Wars are Back:

Manhattan Declaration -  a movement associated with Brian Brown's Washington DC based National Organization for Marriage  -  has said that it has gathered over 7,000 signatures protesting Apple's deletion of their app.  Traffic has been so heavy to their website that the servers have nearly shut down.

Apple had originally granted the app a rating of 4,  indicating that no objectionable content was found.

After LGBTQ advocacy groups protested, the app was deleted.  What Apple CEO Steve Jobs' response will be remains to be seen.   Apple has thus far ignored the group's request to reinstate their application for iTunes.

 Clearly,  the GLBTQ advocacy groups and the Traditional Marriage movement are butting heads.  The Culture Wars are back...

Despite the uphill battle, the Manhattan Declaration has no plans to go quietly into the night.
“We really think that once Apple sits back and takes a breath and really looks at this from a reasonable perspective that they’re going to reinstate it,” said Farmer. “We still have hopes that they’ll do that.”
So while gay rights groups may be saying, “not a chance in hell,” the Manhattan Declaration thinks it has a prayer.
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