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Forensic expert: Meredith Kercher walked in on a burglary in progress; lone male killed her

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"Every element of this crime scene points to an outside intruder," says Hendry. "For starters, the forced entry was real, not staged. I have looked at many accidents involving broken windows, and the spray of glass on the floor shows clearly that this window was broken exactly the way it appears, by someone heaving a rock from outside."
Hendry says a close examination of the details supports the view that Meredith inadvertently walked in on a burglary. Crime scene photos show a fleece jacket turned inside-out and soaked with blood, indicating that she had not had time to remove it after arriving home. Phone records show that she made an aborted call to her mother in the UK just after the time her friend walked her home, which Hendry cites as further evidence that the attack took place minutes, if not seconds, after she stepped through the door. Finally, the strength and leverage needed to inflict the elongated wound in Meredith's neck, along with the torn bra straps, suggest she was attacked by an enraged male.
"It was a brutal, depraved murder," says Hendry. "Unfortunately, the killer, Rudy Guede, has escaped full accountability for this horrible crime because two innocent persons have been convicted along with him."
How certain is Hendry that his analysis is correct? He puts it this way:
"In my profession, opposing expert reports and opinions are commonplace. But in this case, there's little room for doubt.
"I believe I have solved the mystery of what happened to Meredith Kercher. I can fully explain and document every detail of my analysis."
Analysis below can be read in full @

What Really Happened to Meredith Kercher? - Salem-News.Com
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SM Kovalinsky said...

Thank you very much, William. Yes, it illuminates very strongly that this may have been a tragic but rather common incident of walking in on a burglary in progress. A family member had nearly the same scenario occur, although thankfully, without being knifed. It makes more sense than the Amanda-Rafale scenario, which seems cooked up in Mignin's mind.

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