Monday, December 13, 2010

Editorial Montage of Michael Mangus/ ANITA

The rugged boy who is also a girl:  The dream of male transcendence entertained by Tennessee Williams

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Anonymous said...

As an Australian woman who discovered Susan Marie after she introduced me to Anthony Peake's Life After Death theory in book form, I watched in amazement when she engineered his visit to the USA.And now once again, with my gay London based brother who has heard of Provincetown and its Lifestyle, both he and I wish to visit there and hope that someone will give this fresh new face Michael Mangus profiled so fascinatingly here by Susan Marie,a "go" as we say in Aussieland!!COME ON GUYS.. DO IT!!!Be the first to showcase this great new guy!!
Barbara Carter
Sydney Australia

SM Kovalinsky said...

Thanks, sweet Jez xxx

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