Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pro-Gay Advocacy Defense of Manhattan Declaration: An Open Letter to Steve Jobs: Supporters of Gay Marriage still can be appalled at Apple's treatment of Manhattan Declaration

Steve Jobs
CEO, Apple 

Although I  -   and nearly all of my associates  -  are supporters  of gay marriage,  we cannot help being appalled at Apple's deletion of the Manhattan Declaration application.   

No hate speech is used in any manner by those who are involved with the document or its intentions,   and  it would appear that free speech and the right to think and advocate openly in America  are seriously compromised. 

I believe strongly that the gay rights movement is best served by adhering to the robust democratic ideal of John Stuart Mill:  The noble concept of the free flow of ideas which is paramount in the democratic dialectical process.  Surely GLBTQ Advocacy's  most mature and balanced members agree in principle. 

  As our founding father James Madison declared, "Ambition shall counteract ambition";  there is no need of supression of one side. 

Please reconsider your actions,  or you may alienate many of your own supporters.

With best regards,
Confidently and respectfully yours; 

Susan Marie Kovalinsky

Public Relations Manager/Press Agent
Metro Media Strategic Consulting Group
New York City
cell 973.229.3896

21 Autumn Court 
Ledgewood NJ 07852

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