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Two Forensic Experts give contrasting views of the night Meredith Kercher was murdered : Lone Killer or Fight with Amanda Knox?

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"I made a scale layout of the room, using the floor tiles to determine the exact location of bloodstains and other elements of the crime scene," he explains. "I took a slow, methodical approach. I spent dozens of hours poring over the photos, looking at the details that reveal what happened."
Hendry ended up with a reconstruction that shows precisely where and how Meredith and her attacker were positioned in the room at every phase of the brief struggle that ended her life. The confrontation began next to the bed, he says. Meredith stood up, the attacker seized her, and he quickly established a secure grip from behind her, with a knife blade pointed at the right side of her neck. During this initial struggle, they tripped over a small rug.
The first stab wounds were shallow, and Hendry thinks the assailant may not have intended to kill her at that point. Something happened, however, to escalate the violence. Meredith and her attacker spun diagonally across the room. A violent struggle ensued next to the only window in the tiny room, during which the assailant tore at Meredith's hair. Then, the unspeakable happened. The attacker forced Meredith to her knees and plunged his knife up to the hilt in the left side of her throat.
"It is obvious that this attack was the work of one enraged man, who acted entirely alone," says Hendry. He explains that in such a tiny space, the presence of multiple attackers would have been easy to detect, because they could not have avoided stepping in blood. 
Forensic expert says a single attacker killed Meredith Kercher, explains why - Seattle Headlines |   Yet contrast this forensic expert's account with that of another,  equally prominent and experienced,  who believes Knox was involved in a fight with Kercher,  and later with her friends,  staged a sexual assault:  Link here 
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