Saturday, November 29, 2008

P-TOWN AND OBAMA : GREAT EXPECTATIONS - Says Weens to our President-Elect: "Put out, B***h!"

As a considerable amount of support for Barack Obama during election season came from the Gay Community, it will be interesting to see if their expectations - the reasonable ones, at least - will be met.

I was highly amused to see gay contributor Mickey Weens' essay in the "Edge", post election victory. Asserting that it is fine with him that all politicians are liars and whores, so long as they deliver for him.  Weens, in that delightful PTown lingo,  says he had been Obama's "number one bitch" during the primary and general elections,  and that he has worn that badge "with pride". His message now for the President-Elect? "Put out, Bitch!" (What else? LOL) 

Andrew Sullivan,  the supreme spokesman in the US for gay rights,  and author of numerous  essays and books concerning these rights -  his most famous being,  "Virtually Normal":  An Argument about Homosexuality"  -  has concerns that positions in Obama's transition team are being filled by "Clinton hacks",  and that progress in terms of lifing bans on gays in the military and on gay marriage may become stalled.  In any case,  I do find that PTown lingo of Weens' to be highly amusing, and some much-needed comic relief.

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