Saturday, November 22, 2008

America's Changing Image

That we now have an African American poised to take the Presidential oath has far reaching implications for our nation's image. Barack Obama is a Generation Xer, biracial, and with links to Africa and Islam in his hisory. All of this serves to give him a post-Civil Rights era, new global order and Multicultural image. This image will project itself around the world, as a symbol of a new American order.

That Al Quada is clearly threatened by his eclectic and post-modern energy was made evident when they called him " a house Negro". This is telling: He does not project an image for the future which would draw upon the myriad struggles of a Malcom X; rather, he is Harvard educated, technologically savvy, with a bit of defiance lacing his fresh appeal. He seems almost an enigma; a question mark hanging over the multiple scenarios of which only a small number will obtain actualization.

All in all, his is an image which bespeaks a fresh start, new energy and possibilities injected into a national atmosphere which had come to seem stale, used up, and primed for something new.

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