Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama Chides "Captains of Industry"; Calls for Sacrifice for "tone deaf" Execs.

 Obama has asked executives in the auto and banking industries to forego end of year bonuses, chiding these "captains of industry" for being " a little tone deaf to what is happening in America right now." Indeed, his stance is just what one would expect, when viewing him through the lens (as I do) of the Fourth Turning. Howe and Strauss knew well that 2008 would be a time of change in actuality, and not merely in slogan and ideation ; knew it a decade before, when we were still flying high under Clinton. Obama calls for sacrifice; he means business, and he is sounding an alarm, which will only grow more persistent. Put in the veneculer: Things are going to get a whole lot harder, before they get easier.

In any case, there is no longer any easy fix in the offing. The solution is gone: It passed us by in the night, singing songs. It is foolish to look for what we ourselves have allowed to die. Obama know this: He sees, he comprehends , the direness and urgency of our present situation, and what it spells: Enforced change, alteration of the cultural and economic landscape on a scale not seen since the days of the Great Depression. It needn't have come to this, but on some level, a secret fatality was at work: The blindness of the GOP was their own undoing.

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