Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama and the Gay Agenda: Unprecedented Level of Gay Involvement Helped Campaign

Will Obama be  an advance for the Gay agenda?

According to Blade magazine,  an "unprecedented level of involvement"  by the gay community nationwide helped Barack Obama ascend to become the President elect.  But what is actually  Obama's  stance on gay rights?

On November 23rd, Washington Blade  also said that seven gays have already  been named to Obama's transition team.

After winning the election on November 4,  the the Obama camapign set up,  the official "transition" website of the President elect.  Under the Civil Rights section,  commitment to the Gay and Lesbian community is stressed.

During his tenure in the Illinois state senate,  Obama supported the repeal of "don't ask,  don't tell",  regarding gays in the military.

One wonders if this stance on gay rights is truly part and parcel of his plans for Change,  though.  I would venture to say that he is in truth quite conservative in his ideation regarding the strengthening of American community and family,  and that although he has been viewed as quite liberal,  much of his ideology is merely a facade.  Civil Rights activists have allowed the gay community to invade their domain;  neverthe less,  there is a gaping contradiction between what Obama projects,  and those things he proports to defend. Collision with reality happens on many levels, and it would not be surprsing if words took precedent over deeds in the coming years.

In any case,  it remains unclear what an Obama Administration intends to,  or will be able to,  accomplish for homosexual "civil rights".  LeVay and the proponents of the biological "born that way"  argument come up against the NARTH invasion;  Andrew Sullivan and his "Virtually Normal" argument made the case for gay marriage in the 90s,  the heydey of multiculturalism.  He rode in on the wave of a splintered culture,  and a unified one may cause his power to recede.

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