Saturday, November 29, 2008

Obama and Pakistan: Time to rethink the stance

The idea that Pakistan could aid in the fight against Al-Quada appears to be an illusion with the attacks on Mumbai. Obama must now rethink his stance, at a time when his transition to the presidency is being watched closely by the global community.  It would seem that in  his original bravado  and tough talk on going into Pakistan to hunt terrorists,  he is being vindicated.

  But Clinton and other Democrats    had apparently chided him into  recanting.  What is such a one as Barack to do,  crawling as he is,  "between heaven and earth",  with  his enterprises losing the name of action? 

  Nothing like being proven right after one has recanted and reversed one's position! ( And being forced by circumstance,  perhaps,  into doing that which one desperately wanted to do all along?)  In any case,  he has some thinking to do now, and as Bradley of Huffington Post online has put it,  "Happy Thanksgiving,  Mr. President-Elect!"

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