Friday, March 25, 2011

Jimbo Wales, Wikipedia, Bruce Fisher, and Perugia Murder File : Critical Commentary

Wikipedia and Perugia:

All of us must accept the fact that the trials of Amanda Knox
 and Raffaele Sollecito are genuinely controversial. This is as 
important a “fact” as there is about this issue. The idea that 
the concerns about the case could have been manufactured
 by some tiny Seattle public relations firm is intellectually
 embarrassing, as is the notion that the controversy is a
 manifestation of the “cult of Foxy Knoxy.”

This case is controversial because credentialed experts,
 with access to all of the case documents, have examined 
the evidence and found it wanting.
 2) All of must accept the fact that the defense put on a 
vigorous case here. There is not a single argument made 
by the prosecution for which the defense has not formulated 
a plausible and convincing rebuttal. They have done this with 
everything—statements, witnesses, DNA, luminol, computer
 and cell phone records, the so called “staged break-in”—all of it.
If a Wikipedia reader comes to this article and gets the impression
 that there is no controversy and that the defense failed to address 
the main prosecution allegations, we have failed miserably
. From, "Some thoughts upon coming back to Wikipedia".
Some Internet forums hostile regarding Wikipedia founder's review of Knox material
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