Monday, March 28, 2011

Confused Prosecution witness at Knox and Sollecito appeal

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Judge: So, you saw Amanda and Raffaele?

 Curatolo: Yeah, it was Halloween when I saw them. I know this because I saw the kids getting on the disco buses all dressed up in costumes. That’s how I also know what time it was. 

Judge: When is Halloween? 

Curatolo: I don't know. Maybe end of October or beginning of November, I think. 

Judge: You aren’t sure? What about your case now? You are in prison, correct? How long will you be there?

 Curatolo: I don’t know. I don’t understand the case against me really. I understand nothing. 

Judge: Ok, so how did you live in the park? Were you always there?

 Curatolo: Always, yes. I never left. I just lived there. On a bench mostly. 

(questions regarding where Toto poops omitted)

Judge: Never mind. So, are you certain the buses were disco buses and not tour buses? 

Curatolo: Yes, definitely disco buses. They look different from other buses. 

Prosecutio­n: No, no, you must be mistaken? 

Curatolo: No. I am certain they were disco buses. 

Judge: Do you take drugs?

 Curatolo: Yes, heroin. 

Judge: Were you taking drugs on that night?

 Curatolo: I always take drugs, so most certainly I was high that night…but that’s ok. heroin does not make you hallucinat­e or anything. 

Judge: Guards, take him away. I am done.
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