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Believers in Knox and Sollecito's innocence labeled "conspiracy theorists"

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But the shoe may fit the other side. . . 

An interesting forum discussion on this topic from 2-3/ 2011 at the James Randi Educational Foundation.    Although the "innocenti"  are often called "conspiracy theorists",  critical commentary and analysis would lead one to believe that it is in fact those who presume guilt who must engage in some strange mental gymnastics.

I have been reading this forum sporadically,  but am here  just clipping some posts here for further notes:

Below, from post #21 of the Messei/Mignini Conspiracy topic:

"Police in the Italian city of Perugia said that the image was "clear cut," and flatly contradicted Knox's latest version of events"
Clear cut!? About twenty pages back on the main thread someone, I think Chris C, posted it most recently, it's about as 'clear cut' as your average picture of a 'ghost.' It's also Meredith.


"Knox has changed her version of events at least three times. Over the weekend, she told her mother, Edda Mellas, who visited her in prison, that she had told the truth when first questioned by police, telling them that she had been at Sollecito's flat all night."
She only 'changed' it once, after being told they had 'hard evidence' of her at the scene and that Raffaele had said she went out that night, after they told him they had 'hard evidence' of her at the scene. That's after hours of intense interrogation for poor Amanda. That 'clear cut' CCTV video would be the 'hard evidence.' So even if they count 'changing' it and 'changing' it back that's only two times.


"Police said that Knox's room at the cottage must have been "thoroughly cleaned" after the crime, as no traces of her fingerprints had been found in the room. She had occupied the room since the beginning of September."
No, bungling fools, just because you can't find a proper print, doesn't mean you get to tell the world she must have 'thoroughly cleaned' her room so she looks suspicious.


"A report issued by Judge Claudia Matteini alleges that Kercher was sexually abused by Knox, Sollecito and Lumumba before being stabbed in the throat."
Nope, absolutely no evidence of anyone but Rudy at the scene, never any of sexual assault by any of these three. Just made up out of whole cloth, and at this point they have the forensics, which is why they're looking for the 'North African' man, Rudy Guede.

You've got to love how they really didn't want to accept an alibi for Patrick. They drilled that professor for seven hours because they wanted so badly to break that alibi. His lawyers are lining up witnesses to his alibi and they have the receipts from the bar, and they're still playing with the time of death ten days after the murder! Like they didn't already know, but then again they had to extend it two hours after it probably happened, and one hour after it could have possibly happened to account for the smack-dealing bums rambling testimony on the stand.

It would take them more than a week more to let Patrick go, and then they'd blame Amanda for not 'telling' them sooner, when she gave them the note the night she was arrested. Like they were going to release anyone on her word at that point anyway. 

Let's see, what else is there:

5. The 'house of horrors' picture with the chemically treated bathroom that made it look like Amanda had said she took a shower in a blood soaked bathroom and never noticed.

6. Lying to her about testing positive for HIV so they could get her sexual history and then broadcast it to the world when it 'leaked' to the press.

7. The whole 'caught with a mop' outside the house by the postal police.

What else was there?

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