Friday, March 25, 2011

Bruce Fisher reports on Wikipedia review of Knox material, cites PMF backlash

Image representing Allvoices as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseFrom  Bruce Fisher's AllVoices report:

"Injustice in Perugia recently highlighted the ongoing hate campaign against Amanda Knox online which is streamlined by a woman named Peggy Ganong. Those involved in that campaign were enraged to see that action was being taken to correct inaccuracies at Wikipedia. As expected, this hatred was alive and well on Peggy Ganong's website, Perugia Murder File (PMF).

One poster mentioned on Peggy Ganong's website that he is planning his own letter to Jimbo Wales. I wonder if his letter will include any of the language currently seen at PMF. Here are a few quotes from a discussion between Peggy Ganong and other posters on her website:

"I don't see the pay-off in the end. Right now, Jimbo is on the verge of losing any sense of respect as a new media entrepreneur (lying about his checkuser results, for example) just for a chance to catch a peek of some tender young sex killer flesh."

"Jimbo is precisely the profile of the aging Lothario looking for access to tail through his powerful media connections. He isn't thinking with his correct head and everything he's proposed is straight out of the FOA manual."

"Somebody should give Jimbo a cold shower. He's really lathered up and ready for brunette sex killer action"

As you can see, PMF has chosen to try to win over Wikipedia's founder with great compliments. All kidding aside, let me try to understand the logic coming from Peggy Ganong and her band of cyberbullies. They have come to the conclusion that Jimbo Wales is looking into the accuracy of the article detailing the murder of Meredith Kercher and the ongoing trial of Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito because he wants sex. Peggy Ganong should be ashamed to be part of that conversation, but as moderator she fully endorses this kind of dialogue.

Just to be clear, the quotes above come from Peggy Ganong's version of PMF. For those not following the blogs closely, PMF actually had a civil war recently! Amazingly, this has resulted in not one, but two PMFs! The two moderators are currently running identical websites and both refuse to discuss the details of their split. This of course often happens to hate groups over time. There is simply too much rage and they inevitably self destruct. The situation is similar to what Germany would have been like during the Cold War if there were two East Germanies instead of an East and West......"

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