Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wikipedia and US Politics

Wikipedia is nothing if not clarifying. Yikes:

Wikipedia Resolves New York State Senate Fight

You'd be forgiven if you're a non-New Yorker and you find what's been happening in the New York State Senate this week confusing. Even from close up, it's super confusing. Who, exactly, is running the place? Unclear. The recently-revamped State Senate website still lists Democrat Malcolm Smith as Senate Majority Leader, while the courts are today wrestling with who is actually in control up there in Albany.

There's one place, though, where clarity reigns:  Wikipedia. The entry for Majority Leader of the New York State Senate reads: "The current Majority Leader is Dean Skelos, who replaced Malcolm Smith on June 8, 2009, when Democrats Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada, Jr., joined the 30 Republican members of the State Senate to change the leadership." That line was changed by user "Co096392" at 8:50pm, June 8th, just after the struggle over power went down -- and hasn't been touched since.

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