Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jackson : Death Comes at 50 in LA

The LA Times has reported that Michael Jackson's death at age 50 is confirmed.  Another end of an era passing...."Resurgem"   He began as a member of the Jackson 5 when he was all but 11 years old, but it was his solo career,  particularly in the '80s,  with the dawn of MTV and Thriller, which seared him into the memories of Generation X and "Jones"  ( those of us who were born circa 1960).   Let people say what they may about the allegations of indecency with minors;  he was a master performer and musical genius,  and one of a kind. 

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Jesamyn said...

Yes, as always the older we get, the more of the icons and fellow-travellers in our lifetimes start to literally pass away.He was a fabulous entertainer in the real sense of both words, and certainly forged his way out of a troubled childhood and adulthood to become a success although it did not seem to bring the happiness he no doubt thought it would.
It has made us all think once again of the meaning of Life and Death and it will be most timely to the convention with Anthony Peake which looks fascinating indeed, and was orchestrated by Susan Marie and colleagues.
Regards always, Jesamyn.

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