Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amanda Knox: What Will Forensic Evidence Show?

The Saga in Perugia continues:  How reliable is DNA evidence ( in particular,  that found on the knife blade and the bra clasp of the murder victim) and will the experts prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt,  proving Knox and Sollecito to be the accomplices of Guede (thus destroying forever the lone wolf /one killer theory)?    As the trial continues in Perugia  and Amanda Knox is expected to take the stand,  one wonders how much maneuverability the defense really does have in this case.  
I have been privileged to glean many gems of psychoanalytic critique  of the motives and logistics of this case,  from the WordPress blog,  Lies Our Mothers Told Us,  posted by one Miss Represented.  I have heard tell that the forensics of this case are not so dubious as the Friends of Amanda have claimed.  The time draws nigh for Amanda to take the stand in her own defense, and I pause as I look at the baby-faced beauty in these pictures, poised on the threshold of fate,  alone and somehow undaunted.  

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