Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 electoral results bad news for secular issues: Culture Wars may reignite

Was the Iconic Shepherd Fairey Obama Hope Imag...Image by Thomas Hawk via FlickrFrom Washington Post's On Faith

"2010 electoral results bad news for secular Americans"

It is undeniable that the economy dominated campaign 2010 and that cultural issues at the nexus of religion and politics were downplayed, but the results are nevertheless very bad news for for those who care about achieving secular goals. Because the Republicans who now control the House, and have increased their numbers in the Senate, are all social and religious conservatives, there is not the slightest possibility in the next two years that any more progress will be made on such hot-button issues as the status of gays in the military. . . "Americans did not vote to stoke the fires of the culture war," Lynn notes, "but they may have done so inadvertently."
Here's a roundup of the potential bad news from Washington Post's "On Faith"

Yes, Tuesday was a bad night for Democrats. It was a worse night for those who, over the past 30 years, regarded the increasing encroachment of religion on government with alarm and were just beginning to see glimmers of hope that the process might be reversed.

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