Saturday, November 20, 2010

2 Poems by Daniel June

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Yudi’s temptation

Yudi, youthy demon of dark
Your wonder coal eyes are beaming with sparks

Your smile casts a shadow across the wide moon
Ascent of your crescent harbingers doom

Your tender death petals press questions alluring
Emblazoning waves of this lust lost its mooring

Landed and labored for safe citadel
I ponder afar your lush loveliest hell.

The Plot Against Sherry

Sherry Lynn meridian of silence and words
Your practical brow is impervious to verse

You frown as you browse the metrical rhymes
For electrical metaphors you haven’t the time

You say “Make passion be fruitful; obey my orders
Help with the children, do all of your chores.”

This literati is lazy you make me love’s slave
When magic is impotent, I must scheme a new way.

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