Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Supporters: Almost 60 votes in Ill. House for civil unions | abc7chicago.com

Illinois Population Density MapImage via WikipediaSupporters: Almost 60 votes in Ill. House for civil unions | abc7chicago.com: "Opponents are fighting to make sure the legislation fails.

Smith said the Family Institute has made hundreds of thousands of automated calls to voters in recent months, urging them to contact their legislators. The group has sent bulletins on the subject to hundreds of Illinois churches, and Smith said he is lobbying lawmakers directly. Along with other conservative organizations, the institute is sending e-mails to everyone on its lists to call for action against civil unions.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Conference of Illinois is fighting the legislation, too. It's urging Catholic churches across Illinois to speak out, said Executive Director Robert Gilligan, and bishops are contacting lawmakers to speak against the measure.

'Marriage is what it is and always has been, no matter what a legislature decides to do,' Chicago Cardinal Francis George said in a statement last week."
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