Sunday, November 14, 2010

Daniel June: 3 Poems of Eros

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Sun Lovetweetpic

My pure erotic love for all
Like the chaste lust gaze of sun

My brow bursts hopes for your best
By my high smile kiss you are blessed.

Let your starved hearts swallow me down
May your loud clouds fall to the ground

I forever entangle your spirit with mine
And smile innocent love as a sign.

Sherry song

Sherry the very throb of my blood
The say of your name bleeds day on my mood.

The smell of your sweat is delicious to me
The swell of your lips – I lick ecstasy!

Your voice is a pulse of goddess applause
Your embrace is a loss of eternity pause

Maddened ennobled softened enraged
The heartstrings are tightened with you in my cage.

Psyche and Eros

I am Eros with arrows You are Psyche love shot
Your pussy is heaven My cock is the God.

I bend you like a priestess’s prayer
My butterfly tongue plunges your flower.

My tongue is a fire, and you are autumn nude tree
My kiss is a promise to knit souls misted breeze.


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