Monday, July 6, 2009

Provincetown Losing Its Footing in a Time of Transisiton : A Sign of the Changing Times

Have come upon this link below,  and I had actually anticipated just this sort of thing,  way back in the first years of this decade.  Why?  I had  read Howe and Strauss The Fourth Turning :  An American Prophesy  and Peter Manso's PTown:  Art,  Sex, and Money on the Outer Cape.  Each book contained prophetic warnings,  which began being sounded as early as 1997,  as well as in 2003. Also read Faiman-Silva's article about a new "culture of resistance"  toward Ptown tolerance of LGBT and the general culture of new diversion from traditional values.   As I said,  this link is disturbing but not surprising:
Also an important synopsis of the origin of this current state of affairs,  and the ensuing conflict:
*Also,  this expanded piece authored by me:

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