Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama to have beer with police and professor; Birthers looking increasingly crazy

This Thursday at 6 pm President Obama will have a beer (Budweiser)  with Professor Gates (Becks)  and  Officer Crowley of the Cambridge police (upstate imported ).  It will take place at the picnic table in the back yard,  the president said.    This should be interesting...

Another interesting development:  Republicans are increasingly distancing themselves from the "Birther"  movement:  Those who seek to divest Obama of the presidency on charges he is unconstitutionally presiding,  as he in not a natural born citizen.  On msnbc this evening,  the movement was decried by Republicans as seeming "paranoid and crazy".  Moreover,  even if it could be proven that Obama was born in Kenya,  he was voted in by such a majority,  that it would be more likely that the constitution would be amended to accommodate him,  than that he would be impeached.

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