Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Intersection of Two Trends: Provincetown, A Prophesy

. . . solemn heave the Atlantic waves between the gloomy nations;  swelling belching from its depths,  red clouds & raging fires.  Albion is sick, America feints!~ William Blake 1793  America:  A Prophesy
 How little has been understood of Blake's words:  As a visionary and mystic,  his sight was not only far reaching,  into the future,  but it probed deep down,  to the depths of man..."The American Revolution:  Epistemological as well as political"  :  These are the words of a Harvard professor,  who maintains a certain anonymity,  and truer words were never spoken.  It has been said that "the personal is the political"  but "the political is the epistemic"  is more true,  in that it is more profound and has wider scope.  

 Universal revolt:  The Orc of Blake's imagination,  and   in this first year of Barack Obama,  is it not growing clearer   that the Middle East  now fulfills part of that visionary spirit of which Blake prosphesied and of which America may indeed  oneday perish?   Prophetic vision is frightening,  precisely because it sees too much,  sees too well,  and Provincetown has been the womb for seers:    artists,  poets, mystics.   It is almost the attic of America,  in which the madwoman paces.   How much Provincetown continues to serve as a bellwether for national transitions can be seen by the recent upheavals there.  O Urizen, I weep for thy stern ambition,  but do weep in vain.  "Your Reason":  The political hegemony and one-sided epistemic privilege and power.  Is Provincetown not the place for Blake's Orc?  To be taken over by Urizen :  Blake's powers of prophesy surely cannot be dismissed as madness.    Is Provincetown really in trouble?  Has the danger been only temporarily shelved,  to emerge more formidable for its seemingly permanent departure?    The problem with seers:  We see more than we should .  Meaning leaps out at us,  as Freud's Interpretation of Dreams flew from his pen as he feverishly stabbed the pages with the searing inner illuminations,  that rushed one upon the other....Symbolism is understood in all its ramifications,  and nuances.  NARTH and the Middle East are seen as cipher and symbol,  revealing a shift and a sea-level change,  to come,  in the future.  As Nietzsche said,  the seer is  one who has arrived 15 mintues early on the historical scene. . .  
Urizen,  Tharmas,  Orc,  Los:  The quaternity of the Whole Man,  as even Jung knew keenly.  But always splitting,  always a bifurcation must occur, and a re-constellation.  But the transition is the danger.  And Nietzsche also said of the seer:  As animals of the forest become restless and nervous hours before the arrival of an approaching storm,  even so does the man with historical pre-vision grow nervous as  he sees the political clouds gather ,  unseen by others,  on the horizen.

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