Monday, May 16, 2011

American Philosopher-Poet Daniel June: The Dragon and the Unicorn

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The Dragon and the Unicorn

I the wise dragon
Last of my kind
And you,
pure horned unicorn
questing the world,
lonely confused,
you dare glare
down my lair
Desperate in quest
Willing to face
The only enemy
A unicorn knows:
Immortal before immortal
Each the only bane the other.

How you hated my flamed breath
How your glowing innocence
Pierced the philosophy of my nest
As if us ancient serpents
had stripped you of your race,
as if I myself had death ensnared
your loves and mothers.

We are both alone here,
I am the last of mine
You are the last of yours
I hadn’t guess there could even be a you.
Hadn’t known you were possible.
The others passed on to the other place
I do not know when or how
Their fire no longer resonates to mine
I will neither bite wit into you
nor breath fury over you
I leave you to your peace
Let our ancient war be ended in this place.

That innocent one came to love me then
Immortal yet naïve
And though I knew better
I loved her too
And we were inseparable lovers
Conspirers over this world and its ways
And what I had came to burn in her
And what she had came to burn in me
And we never forsook each other
Nor grew tired of our company.

Yet eon past eon,
the earth had grown so old
she was young again
and even in our love
we had grown weary of life.
I bore my heart to her,
in all its intimacy,
She shuddered and obeyed,
She pierced my heart
with perfect horn,
Alone the foe to me,
And my blood the same to her
Shorn upon her fleece
We died in union, child to age
Innocence is wise.


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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Fable-like poem!! Always grateful that Susan Marie enlightens me in Australia where we never hear of these wonderful things...

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