Saturday, May 7, 2011

Amanda Knox: A Case Dominated By Sexual Obsession | GroundReport

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Once again,  Bruce Fisher nails it:  Bravo to this robust writer and critic!!!

Amanda Knox: A Case Dominated By Sexual Obsession | GroundReport
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Anonymous said...

Bruce can marry Amanda, Hayden can jump out of the wedding cake with a dolphin. Mad Pax can play the accordion at the New Orleans cathedral and the happy couple can honeymoon with Rocco as they root for truffles in the bayous. Anne Bremner will attend but get lost on Bourbon Street. Edda will wear red and show boob. Other well dressed guests can exit the narthex in cut off blue jean shorts and halter tops. The bride with six ear piercings and a tattoo can kiss the groom with his fishhead. Keep an eye on the tuxedo cat with the bandaged ear. He sat in the back pew and hobbled out on a cane unperturbed by Artemis the cat of honor or the German shepherd snapping at friends of the groom. The great friend, Raffaele, declined to attend, but his family bought the happy couple a new house located in Las Vegas with proviso that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Sollecitos loaned the Fishers Raf's bummed up German car with tin cans full of meth tied to the bumper and JUST MARRIED!!!! written in shaving cream in Italian and English. For the evening reception, the blushing bride changed from her wedding dress made of Harry Potter books into a Lucky Care Bears green t-shirt. She was escorted by the smiling groom through several dances of "Who Let the Dogs Out" and some Marimba bands. Rudy G was seen dancing the night away in the French quarter toasting the success of the marriage and hitting on blondes. Candace catered the canapes, two kinds of pizza rolls and Yoohoo chocolate drinks. Salt was provided by Curt's tears. Ted Simon seethed that he was not invited, Preston declined to attend. He was too busy digging up bones and lying to police. Lana Elisabetta sent flowers and two phones from her garden. Bridesmaids did cartwheels down the aisle as Wagner's Wedding March was played by Silenzi's cousin.

After a full honeymoon in a tent in the bayou with Rocco, a threesome requested by the groom, Steve More sent in a SWAT team as reinforcements as a personal present to Amanda already bored with her hubby and sending emails to a David J.

The couple is registered at Bubbles, or you can send gifts to the Frank Sfarzo Manor, if he is not in prison. The bride looked particularly lovely in her white ski mask with red stripe. The groom beamed in his green with envy tuxedo rental. He was seen to have a .38 tucked in his cumberbund with two bullets that had Nadeau and Ganong's name on them. He fidgeted at the altar hoping to spot the two ladies, and later told reporters he was in fear of his life. Amanda's bridesmaids gifts included a free tattoo spelled incorrectly and color copies of her naked selfportrait done in Capanne, beautifully framed.

Ghirgha and Carlo DV wept tears of joy at the nuptials and passed out with relief to see Amanda's backside, I mean, the end of the court case. Chris was under the table with 20 shots of liquor and some unknown Italian women by midnight of the fete. FOA abandoned the celebration saying they had been neglected and falsely promised at least a kiss and a grope. Amanda had them sign the guest register just in case time opened up for them after Bruce and Rocco left.

Cheers! To Life! to the happy couple, the Mandy Fishers and the Bruce Foxes. Don't go up in a hot air balloon for your honeymoon. Don't worry, be happy. Vanessa is glad for you, and Mignini lights a pipe in relief. Cassandra says good riddance and Toto says Patrick wants you back at Le Chic any day, not. Laura sent you a letter full of anthrax and Filomena sent you a set of glasses and a new mop.

SM Kovalinsky said...


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