Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For-Profit Colleges Offer High-Risk Loans To Keep Fed Dollars Flowing, Consumer Group Says


Anonymous said...

Of course they want the dollars to keep following.For the most part the for profit colleges are scams.They use the system to take advantage of students,on my dime.I witnessed this while I went to one of these so called colleges and I worked for one.Salesman meet you at the door sell you a load of shit get you to sign promising you a great job with life time career guidance.It is all a scam.They prey on the poor, lower educated population who actually believe that the certificate they will receive will get them a high paying job.WRONG... The horror stories I can tell you would blow your socks off.And when I went to the president of the college and told them what was going on thinking they had no idea.WRONG....I was told they would investigate everything.WRONG...I was actually talking to their lawyer not the so called investigator.I can tell you they have 11 colleges in Calif and Maine.And I hope these new regulations go forward.

SM Kovalinsky said...

I do , too. Thanks for your disturbing but important input. The situation is deplorable, and these scams must end now.

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