Monday, February 21, 2011

Amanda Knox Lifetime Film leaves all in fog

Having  just viewed the Lifetime Movie,  Murder on Trial,  starring Hayden Panettiere  -   which  depicts  the story of the arrest and conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Solecito in Perugia , Italy  - " _________"  ( *note:  2 sentences deleted, for reasons I will discuss elsewhere. SMK) 

Cinematically speaking, it is a well-crafted film:  It is cast in the proper light,  and strikes the right tone;  it is enchanting,  (filmed on location in Perugia) with excellent cinematograpy and music;  well-cast,  and well-acted,  especially by Ms. Panettiere.  The brutal aspects of the murder were blurred,   a move in all likelihood ensuing from the conflict with Italian press,  lawyers, and the victim's family. 

Yet  insofar as tipping me toward the belief of Knox's guilt or innocence,  I am as confused as I have been all along.

  On the one hand,  Knox seems suspect,  has no solid alibi, there are contradictions and strange portents everywhere,    and there well may have been a constellation of events which led to a combustion. 

 On the other,  there was shoddy police work,  mistakes in evidence collecting,  a brutal interrogation,  and Head Prosecutor Mignini -  himself under indictment at the time of Knox's arrest  -  is as obsessive as they come. 

I wonder if the critic who wrote this review is as immersed in the Knox saga as I have been for 3 years;  I wonder also how he can wave away the lack of  solid evidence.  

Whether or not the film will have a substantial impact on public opinion remains unclear. But I am sure Knox's attorneys and family are not pleased that although Knox was not clearly branded as "guilty"  in the film, neither was she cast in the clear light of "innocent abroad".  

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