Friday, October 1, 2010

New Civil Rights Movement Reports 9 Gay Teen Suicides in September

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David Badash's list of US gay teens who committed suicide due to gay bullying in September,  2010:
Indiana:  Billy Lucas, age 15 ;  Sep. 9, 2010Wisconsin:  Cody J. Parker,  age 17;  Sep. 13,  2010California:  Seth Walsh,  age 13;  Sep. 19,  2010New Jersey:  Tyler Clementi,  age 18;  Sep. 22,  2010Texas:  Asher Brown, age 13;  Sep. 23, 2010Colorado:  Harrison Chase Brown,  age 15;  Sep. 25,  2010Rhode Island:  Raymond Chase,  age 19;  Sep. 29,  2010Massachusetts:  Felix Sacco,  age 17;  Sep. 29,  2010Indiana:  Caleb Nolt,  age 14:  Sep. 30,  2010
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