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2010 Senate Elections and Gay Rights, Part 1 - Queer Sighted

Insane Clown Posse 2Image by bobster855 via FlickrHere are just two examples of what is at stake in the senatorial elections: from QS:

NEVADA -- Harry Reid (D-Incumbent) vs. Sharron Angle (R)

Harry Reid, the current Senate Majority Leader, has been unpopular in his state for awhile. Toppling Reid would be a dream for Republicans, much like when they defeated our then-Majority Leader Tom Daschle back in 2002. Nevertheless, the Republican Party has nominated one of the most outlandish, unhinged candidates of the year, Sharron Angle. The race remains close, but Reid would probably be farther behind if Angle wasn't so crazy:

-She believes gay marriage should be banned at the state and federal level.
-She has argued for prohibition.
-She believes the color black shouldn't be used for sports team uniforms because it's the color of evil.
-She opposes repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
-She was once apart of a political party that told voters that AIDS could spread through contaminated drinking water.

This race is still considered a toss-up.2010 Senate Elections and Gay Rights, Part 1 - Queer Sighted

WISCONSIN -- Russ Feingold (D-Incumbent) vs. Ron Johnson (R)

Russ Feingold has been a notably progressive senator from Wisconsin for three terms, however, tea bagging psycho and millionaire businessman Ron Johnson is giving him a run for his money. Feingold has broken with the Obama Administration on several different issues, typically because he believed the Administration didn't take progressive-enough stances. Feingold has long and unabashedly supported gay rights, co-sponsoring the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and was one of the very first senators to openly support gay marriage. He was even one of a few senators to oppose the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.

Meanwhile, Ron Johnson is a self-proclaimed "traditional guy" who would likely take a monstrous step backwards for gay rights if elected, since he doesn't support gay marriage or rights of any kind. Johnson isquickly becoming the favorite to win.
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