Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rachel Wade Sentence was Too Harsh

The Florida teen found guilty on second degree murder charges has been sentenced.  Rachel Wade received 27 years in prison.  

I believe this sentence is unjust.  It is too harsh,  because both girls had engaged in threatening messages leading up to the incident on  April 15, 2009,   and the bigger, heavier girl  -  the victim,  Sarah Ludemann, 18 -  had been out looking for Wade, and had threatened her also.   Wade brandished a knife,  at least partly in self defense.   Indeed,  Wade's defense counsel, Jay Herbert,   had said in court:  "Sarah was the aggressor that night.  She was out looking for Rachel.  They couldn't stop her." Rachel Wade was sentened to 27 years in prison for stabbing to death Sarah Ludemann.

All of this was over an unworthy young male,  one Joshua Comacho, 21,  who apparently had a thing for using young ladies, and stringing them along.  If only Wade and known just how unimportant such a male actually is within the scheme of things.  

Wade was still a teenager at the time of the offense.  This was a disorganized crime of passion,  within mitigating circumstances.    

The harsh sentencing is a reflection of the past 25 years of Draconian punishment, and the hypocrisy of charging teens as adults,  even though when sexually active with adults, they are then viewed as "children",  and their offenders as pedophiles.  
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Anonymous said...

Don't let rachel wade out u don't know her and who she was before she can will ruin another relationship and hurt someone again. please I'm begging you.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Well, I will take your word for it, but I certainly have no power to let her out. ; )

Anonymous said...

Wade didn't have to brandish a knife in self defense, Ludemann was unarmed. If she truly felt that she was in danger, all she had to do was call the cops.

The only person's whose sentence is too harsh is Sarah Ludemann. Rachel will get out in 27 years and get a second chance at life. Sarah on the otherhand will never get that that opportunity. She's basicially serving a life sentence for Rachel's crime and their mistake of harrassing each other over a man.

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