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Amanda Knox: Filling the hours in an Italian prison

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What is life like for Washington coed Amanda Knox,  after she was found guilty on all counts for the murder of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher,  in November 2007 in Perugia, Italy, where both girls were foreign students?

Now 23,  Knox gave an interview this month with Oggi,  an Italian magazine,  to tell what life is like behind bars for the baby-faced convicted felon.  Yoga,  volleyball,  and writing letters home occupies most of her time.  

Knox is still in touch with former lover and co-convict Raffaele Sollecito.
Knox admits that love has remained on both sides from their former affair, and that perhaps their shared misadventure has forged an unbreakable bond.  
Despite her conviction, Knox maintains her innocence.
"Here in jail I have understood that sometimes bad things happen to good people," she told the magazine. "I find it really hard to accept that my friend Meredith is dead, and I am accused of killing her. It's really hard for me and, at times, the whole thing is much bigger than me."
And Knox says she tries not to get too excited about the possibility of being released.
When jailed Italian mobster Luciano Aviello claimed to have evidence in June that Knox was innocent, information that will be used in her lawyers' appeal, she said it was important to control her emotions

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Judge Massei's 427- page report will be published in English on Monday 9 August. It will be available for download from PMF and TJMK.

Harry Rag said...

The English translation of Judge Massei's sentencing report can be downloaded from here:

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