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Fiance of Missing Washington Woman Plans April Memorial Service: Robb Simmons and Shantina Smiley

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While still holding out slim hope that themissing Silverdale , WA mother is still alive,  Shantina Smiley's fiance Robb Simmons is planning a memorial service with friends and relatives this month to honor her memory.  
 Smiley's eight year old son Azriel Carver's remains were found on Fox Island in March. 
The service will take place this April 17 in Brinnon,  he has told area press.  
Law Enforcement officials in Thurston County  say they have no further leads in the case.  
They are open to possibilities, but are working on the assumption that Smiley and her child were parked in the van  at low tide along the shore,  fell asleep,  and  were later surprised and swept away in the high tide while attempting to exit the vehicle. 
  This was confirmed by Lt. Chris Mealy, spokesman for the investigation headed by Thurston County's Sheriff's Office.  
Shantina Smiley Vanished March 13, 2010 by Susan Marie Kovalinsky
No leads,  but questions remain for family
Smiley,  29,  went missing on March 13,  along with her eight year old son ,  Azriel Carver,  when the two embarked on a road trip to visit family for an overnight stay  in the  Castlerock area.  
 Smiley became lost in the Olympia area,  between her Silverdale home and Castlerock. 
County officials had called the disappearance of the pair "highly suspicious".  
 Her partly submerged minivan was found on the shore of Olympia in Puget Sound on March 14,  and the child's remains were found washed ashore on March 18 on Fox Island, some 16 nautical miles from the site where the van was found.  
An autopsy ruled that the boy had died of accidental drowning.  The 29 year old mother's body never surfaced, and she remains missing, though presumed deceased.  

“At this point I still have all the hope in the world that she will turn up alive, I cannot do anything else,” Smiley’s fiance Robb Simmons, wrote in an e-mail to the Kitsap Sun.
But he said it was also appropriate to hold a service.
“The 17th will have been over 30 days, and if she has passed on, then that just seems that it would be the right thing to do,” Simmons wrote.
The disappearance of Smiley and Carver had captured national media attention,  especially when reports surfaced that she was a relapsed alcoholic,  and surveillance footage showed her buying a 1.5 L bottle of wine.  
The bottle, half-empty, later washed ashore, along with the child's ball and asthma inhaler, and some mismatched shoes.  
Reports surfaced that Child Protective Services had investigated Smiley and a live in boyfriend in past incidents.  
Smiley's family said she had returned to college, obtained honors and medical coding work, and was preparing to be a Cub Scout leader and wife.  They have no idea why her movements became erratic and confused on the road trip.  
Anyone with information can call the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 786-5530

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