Friday, November 20, 2009

Prosecution tells grisly story of Amanda Knox's part in revenge, rape, murder of British student

Prosecution rests in Knox case | The News is

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Alexander Medwin said...

Psychologically, it is impossible for this girl to murder. By simply looking at her M.O. 's, an ignorant and arrogant form appears. She cannot be a genius at this age to work out multiple acts after allegation and actions. Just another girl from america who has been in a very awkward situation. I'm from the u.k. and wanted to think she could be responsible, so my research began. Amanda knox technically has no part in this murder at all. Wrong signals. She isn't capable either. The psychologists in italy have made a huge hash of this, and i expect it will be impossible to make consise assumptions from DNA taken. The places they were in, and the quantities involved, are not sufficient evidece. Surprisingly "the knife." Really bad police work is responsible for a crime too. Put must be put to the best psychologist in italy for there to be any crediblity to a conviction that can be proved beyond doubt. I wager that this now woman, should be freed pending appeals.

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