Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mr. Anthony Peake : Radio Program

Anthony Peake,  author of The Daemon :  A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self (Arcturus Publishing,  Inc.,  2008)  and Is There Life After Death?:  The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die ?  (Chartwell Books,  2006)  will be expounding on his "Cheating the Ferryman"  quantum after life theory on talk radio.

The show will air for an hour on Oct. 19 at 3 pm.  The call in number is (347) 838-9577.
He will be interviewed on BlogTalk radio:

Peake uses a blend of neuro-science,  quantum theory, cognitive psychology, and philosophy to form an innovative one-of-a-kind binary mind theory which reveals a shocking secret about our immortality.  This past August 3 Peake presented before over 300 members of the Midtown East,  New York City press and public at the famous Roosevelt Hotel.

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