Saturday, August 8, 2009

NARTH , Gay Activists, Anti-Gays, and the Ex-Gay Penguins

With so much emphasis since the July discovery of  the "gay"  penguin couple which broke up when one of them "went straight",  I wonder:
1.  Why gay activists ever wanted to use a pair of penguins to make a point which ought to be less about biology,  and more about human freedom.
2.  Why gay activists thought they were "winning"  when the penguins were displaying "gay"  behavior,  and why proponents of ex-gay therapy now feel that they themselves are "back on top".  What if this is an illustration,  not of "born that way"  followed by "not born that way after all"  -  but of the Freudian model of bisexuality and fluidity of sex expression,  which Paglia rightly proposed in the '90s?

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