Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cowger: Millennial Conservative Rising?

 Caiden Cowger: Conservative Youth Movement Rising?

I think that Caiden Cowger may signify the conservative civic-minded youth uprising predicted by Howe and Strauss.

Howe and Strauss are the illustrious authors of two famous books on American future studies which appeared in the 1990s: "The Fourth Turning" and "Millennials Rising". 

 They predicted that out of the Millennial generation of Americans  -  those born circa 1980 and beyond  -  would  come a crop of youth: Conservative, backlashing against the excesses of the America of their childhood; "Heros";   given to cultural cleansing,  civic minded,  and above all:  With the capacity to enact the greatest evil or the greatest good.   Indeed,  it is too frightening to think that in the last fourth turning,  (these are always global in nature)  it was the Hitler Youth which all recall as signifying this appearance of youth on the scene of disaster.

The signs of a fourth turnig always include these features:

  • Global economic peril.
  • Political crises.
  • Decadent culture which has long been unravelling
  • The shifting of the generations:  i.e.,  Boomers enter midlife and retirement;  Generation X enters late adulthood;  Millennials enter active youth.
  • Criticism of the government,  and calls for change
  • Resentment of minority groups

In the once-a -century crisis deemed the "fourth turning", which is a historical  necessity and which would serve  as a catalyst  for rapid,  momentous, calamatous change in the United States,  the  shifting of the generational cohorts would cause a sudden cultural explosion,   releasing these young lions on the scene.   Is Cowger one of them?

Here is a press release excerpt on Cowger; Howe and Strauss are sited within:

Cowger has been tied to the Tim Todd ministries Truth for Youth program which makes the claim that:

" The Truth for Youth consists of the entire New Testament in the God's Word Translation along with 100 pages of powerful, full color comic stories that present the "absolute truth" about issues that young people are confronted with. . . ".

The list includes what liberals would term LGBTQ rights - among a host of others - but would be deemed as invasive to Christian ideologues.

The conservative youth movement was anticipated by authors Howe and Strauss, who in their late 1990s epic books, "The Fourth Turning" and "Millennials Rising", predicted a youth-driven conservative agenda - consisting of what they called "young hero archetypes " combining civic discourse and backlash against liberalism which the authors claimed would be a major part of change in the United States.

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